2018 CTTIC Exam Date Announced

19 Jan 2018 12:45 PM | Anonymous

The 2018 CTTIC Certification translation exams and the court, community and medical interpreter written exams will take place on Saturday, May 12, 2018, in Halifax, NS. The precise location and times are to be determined and will be communicated shortly.

Please note that only members of ATINS are eligible to take this exam.

The translation exam will consist of two texts to be translated:
1    A compulsory general text, and
2    A choice between two moderately specialized texts (financial and scientific).
All texts will be approximately 175–185 words in length.

The community and medical interpreter exams are available in 11 languages: Farsi, Spanish, Punjabi, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, and Hungarian.

The court interpreter exam is available in six languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Farsi, Punjabi, Korean and Japanese.

Kindly be advised that the dates for the oral exams in court, community, and medical interpreting will be announced in the near future and that these are only offered to those who passed the corresponding written component in May 2017.

Anyone wishing to write the certification exam should carefully review the CTTIC exam application requirements (for interpreters, please click here to access ATINS membership requirements).  If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at certification@atins.org.

To help you prepare, please use the CTTIC Translation Exam Guide (French version here) as well as the 2017 Translation Exam for practice (French version here).

Please note that the use of any type of electronic device during the examination is strictly prohibited. (Electronic devices include but are not limited to cell phones, pagers, Blackberries ®, iPods®, laptop computers, and tablets). Any such use will result in the candidate's disqualification; the examination will not be marked and the fee will not be refunded.

The deadline to submit exam applications is February 10th, 2018.
The exam fee is CAD 265 (CAD 230 +HST) per candidate.

The ATINS team wishes you success!