Important Notice

4 Nov 2019 1:34 PM | Sibylle Bechtold

ATINS members have been receiving fraudulent job interview offers from businesses claiming they saw members' profiles on the ATINS website.

These emails have sometimes come from unknown individuals and sometimes from reputable companies, such as Macmillan, the NY-based editor. Sometimes the official websites are linked in the email as well, which further falsifies credibility.

The fraudsters take information from real companies and even the names of real HR representatives, so as to make the offer seem credible.

If the interview process is said to take place via Google Hangouts, the "recruiter" makes errors in English, asks for private information like your address, date of birth, etc., this very likely indicates that it is not a legitimate job offer.

ATINS strongly recommends to be increasingly vigilant, and NOT to reach out to these recruiters, but rather to contact the real company through their official websites (not linked in the email).

Claudine Belhomme, Interpreter and Certified Translator/President, Association of Translators and Interpreters of Nova Scotia